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We are currently working in MVP mode, and what is that?

I'm from São Carlos - SP and I want to buy!

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We develop local agriculture

And access to local consumers

As a startup in agro and food tech, we evolve quickly, always measuring our metrics ;)

We realized that the city of São Carlos would be a great environment to resume our field experiments, evaluating consumers' relationship with biodiversity!

Here, we are redoing experiments in regenerative agriculture with conventional and unconventional species so that more and more consumers have access to fresher and healthier food! 

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And how it works?


We apply our methodology to local farmers and organize logistics


We monitor cultivation while promoting fair trade to consumers


We count the information to cross-reference cultivation data with demand

Make your choice:


(Shipping included)

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I paid,
and now?

  • We will group your order into a weekly delivery schedule.

  • And since we go to town every day, your order won't take long! 

  • Let us let you know as soon as we receive the notification here!

What will I receive?

  • We will also show you all the varieties of the week! So, no surprises!

And the PANC?

  • Yes, we will offer you native and biodiverse species! Along with recipes and other tips ;)

Still have doubts?

Consult theFAQ


Call on zap! 

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