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Through BioDiversity,
we see the future!

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Food systems Sustainable

When we develop local rural communities, and use native species with cultivation methods that respect their landscapes, we allow the reestablishment of ecosystem balance.

(Photo: Nova Friburgo/RJ - First location tested)  

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Local production chains

One of the biggest difficulties in working with native biodiversity species is building production chains for these species.

With our methodology, we domesticate dozens of species, enabling the creation of large-scale production chains with the aim of serving different sectors of the world.Food Systems

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Connecting people to healthier eating

Technological marketing and data analysis tools allow us to increase consumer access to fresher, healthier foods.



I'm from São Carlos and I want to buy!

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Taste incredible flavors while:

  • Supports family and local agriculture

  • Helps the regeneration of soil and surface biodiversity 

  • Eat fresher, more nutritious ingredients


Understand more about our technological proposal:

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