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Our goal*:

A food system that
leaves the field and returns to the field

(and with positive impacts on the environment)

I want to be a Partner Farmer

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What are the weaknesses that make up the current food production model?

Our team has professionals with multiple experiences in food systems. More than 75 years in the area ;)

Therefore, we list several weaknesses in the current food production model that we classify into the following profiles:

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For the farmer, mainly family farming: 

The lack of technological resources for small producers is a gap that is not adequately filled by the technological evolution of startups.

We know that fresh plant-based foods are mostly produced by family farming. It is from this agriculture that vegetables and fruits come from your meals!

Therefore, we offersupport, methodologies and technological tools that optimize the production and sale of food to small and medium-sized partner properties.  


A partnership with farmers that really works!

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Yes, customer! We hear you too!

Data-driven local consumption:

Our supply and commercialization model involves crossing data between cultivation and demand, allowing reduced food waste and financial stability for our producer partners

We understand that access to fresh and local food needs to be easy and simple for the consumer, but also environmentally and socially sustainable for the producer. 

And stay tuned for improvements: our system is constantly under construction to meet the needs of our customers (consumers and producers)!

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Meio Ambiete

Food production and climate change:

Firstly, do you know what it isFood System? There are the different processes that involve the production of food until it reaches your table: 

  • When we talk about fresh foods, we refer to foods that have been harvested and have not been processed: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, taioba, plantains, apples or cherries.

  • Processed foods are those that have been cut and packaged, transformed into sweets, juices and jellies or sauces, oils and seasonings.  

  • There are also ultra-processed ones, but we avoid these! And if you want to know more,check here

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What is a state of climate emergency?

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Meio Ambiete

And what does food have to do with climate change?


The food system isso complex that you don't see all the processes that make food reach your table. And because it is so complex,its negative impacts become invisible most of the people. For example:

  • In Brazil alone, deforestation caused by the expansion of pastures and planting of commodities makes food production the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

  • It is also the biggest cause of biodiversity loss and its ecosystem benefits (leading to environmental imbalance).  

  • This imbalance (mentioned above) leads to erosion and soil degradation. Food production then repeats the cycle of degradation and deforestation that expands from the North to the South of the country.

Incêndios florestais

where else do food systems impact? 

Our blog

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Proposta Tecnológica
Jardim orgânico
Technological compliance with 12 SDGs:

We believe that innovations and the creation of new technologies must cooperate and bring together the greatest number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Respecting the premise thatLiving in a balanced environment is the Right of Human Beings and Future Generations.

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Nature-based field technologies

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Marketing technologies based on data analysis


Regenerative and optimization-based technologies

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The intersection of all 3 aspects is the heart of Diversa.Bio

With years of research and a multidisciplinary team, we hope to offer alternatives to current food systems in order togive new meaning to agriculture and food consumption.

Basing our technology on the various stages already tested and validated, we look forward to seeing you in your city soon! 

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